UPS Germany Per Package
up to 10 kg 13,00 Euro
up to
20 kg 13,20 Euro
up to 30 kg 14,50 Euro
including packaging
Maximum package dimensions: 100 x 76 cm, otherwise Surcharge for additional handling 19,90 Euro
DPD LQ-Send. Germany Per Package
up to 10 kg 18,00 Euro
up to 20 kg 18,20 Euro
up to 31,5 kg 19,50 Euro
including packaging
Surcharge for dangerous goods 5,00 euros
Attention!  Dangerous goods cannot be sent by parcel service  to the following countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Estonia

Surcharge for additional handling 24,20 Euro
Maximum package dimensions or maximum package weight:
Max. Weight 31,5 kg per package
Max. Length 175 cm per package
Max. Gurtmaß 300 cm (Umfang+Länge) per package
All prices plus 19% VAT  
Stand: 01.01.2023