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Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Fully Automatic Printing Tower SSE1 for Crate Printing

  Fully Automatic Printing Tower SSE1 for Crate Printing

All four sides of the crate will be printed at the same time in different colours and motifs. With up to 800crates per hour a precise reproduction ability enables a high productivity. Special hose pumps apply the ink onto the horizontal positioned stencils. In that way each side of the crate gets an even ink application. The screens can be exchanged within minutes therefore holding time are reduced to a minium. The multi-functional system enables a change of both logo as well as ink within a short time thus enabling short set-up times. A modern electronic control via display ensures the essential process control and helps analysing any possible faults. The step-by-step operation mode shows the printing status during the automatic production run resp. during the set-up by the operator. Used, overhauled, very good condition Specifications: Outer Dimensions: total length: 2500mm / total width: 1800mm / total height: 2400 mm Weight: 850kgs Electrical Connection: 1x 220V, 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 2kW Air Supply: approx. 300l/min. fresh air Compressed Air: 6bar (85psi) Height of the Crate: max. 400mm / min. 180 mm Max. Printing Area: Side area: 300x 340mm / Front surface: 300x 300mm Height Extension: Optionally the printer can be equipped with a height extension through which the crate can be lifted 80mm higher. In that way the print can be placed further down at the crate.

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  Fully Automatic Printing Tower SSE1 for Crate Printing
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