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New and used Universal Screen Printing Machines

Universal Screen Printing Machines:

1. This line of screen-printers is equipped with advancedmicrocomputer controls
2. With multi major functional program presettings the machines are
    multi functional
3. Versatile machine for round and flat surface screen printing
4. Once a functional program is selected, it will be stored in the memory
5. Various screen-printing functions can be selected directlyby pressing the
    sensitive feather-touch buttons on the console panel. It is very simple to
6. The up-to-date pneumatic components manufactured byfamous German
    and Japanese factories operate smoothly and powerfully, and are very durable
7. The machine case made of alloy aluminum cast is lightand durable
8. Equipped with special vibration absorber and high-performance
    speed-adjustable blades
9.The precise hard axle reduces the friction caused by themovement of the
    machine when printing

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